uni’s been taking all of my time →

yeah, medicine is fun (even tho’ in the first two years we won’t do anything clinical) but it’s just so much work. i’ve been having 6-7 school days per week just because i have to study in order to learn — it’s saturday now and i’ll be going to the shared studying room place thing with the subject material in an hour, and tomorrow i’ll go again. and this is only for one subject, i also have latin and medical biochemistry but i haven’t had the time to study at all for them dfjhidijhido (latin is an elective subject)

one thing annoying me is that people who are not in medicine seem to think of us med students as proud, arrogant, mean etc. etc. and like we just would like to hang out with other med students. BULLSHIT. it’s just that when you spend 7 days a week with the same people studying the same things and discussing the same subjects it’s kind of natural you’ll hang out with those guys in stead of some people you have no time to meet. fuq dis

i’m also one of the three ~university key holders~ for weekend studying and will be in the team which’ll make the kostajaiset party reality. i’ve become really active (compared to my activity level in high school) here and brbrbrbrahsbdhjh ok i’ll go now

just got to repeat this; med school is fun. it’s not just studying but also meeting people and making new contacts and the collegiality is out of this world. i love it.

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